CFSTMA Chapter Meeting December 5, 2019 @ BOOMBA Soldiers Creek

Fifty registered attendees participated in CFSTMA’s winter Chapter Meeting at BOOMBAH Soldiers Creek Park in Seminole County.  The CFSTMA Board want to first and foremost thank our gracious host Jeff Caldwell, Seminole County Division Manager, Mike Baker, Site Supervisor, and William Washington, assistant Site Supervisor for providing a wonderful setting for our meeting.  They were supportive in everyway helping the event to be well received by all who attended.

Mike Baker provided an overview to the group to start the day and how Seminole County and specifically BOOMBAH Soldiers Creek work to host out of town visitors while at the same time providing residence with quality programming such as adult kickball above and beyond the softball play from youth to collegiate. Will Washington lead the site tour explaining the maintenance program that supports the sporting activities for the facility.

Sixteen attendees registered for CEU’s which was conducted by Dr. Mary Lusk who is a faculty member in the Soil and Water Sciences Department at the University of Florida-Gulf Coast Research and Education Center in Sarasota County.  Her talk focused on sources of excess nutrients in water bodies and how they can lead to water quality deterioration.  She discussed the various nutrient sources, the science of how the different sources are tracked, identified and managed.

The group was treated to an overview of the synthetic turf construction considerations and how the industry has changed over the years to provide improved sports playing surfaces.  This session was presented by Todd Penley.

After a Sonny’s BBQ lunch, a drawing was conducted for a chance for a professional member of the CFSTMA to win a FREE STMA National Conference and Exhibit Show registration with hotel stay valued at $1,400. Professional members where asked to submit an essay describing how their CFSTMA membership has benefited them professionally.  We also had drawings for 3rd place for a FREE STMA annual membership valued at $130.00 and 2nd place for a FREE Conference registration valued at $ 375.00.

The STMA National Conference and Exhibit Show is being held in West Palm Beach, Florida January 13 – 16, 2020.  To learn more about this conference click HERE.

Here are excerpts from their essays:

CFSTMA has instilled in me that I am not in this alone! But there are others in our industry who

have been there and can offer advice and have experienced the same problems and concerns.

A network of experts who I (we) can lean upon, build relationships and offer solutions to add to

our tool box. There are industry vendors which can supply relief through services and or

equipment they offer.


Overall, the CFSTMA has helped me with my best management practices, safety

awareness and networking. This local chapter is involved and cares about it’s

community. I will continue to be involved and hope to one day to give the

knowledge to others in our field as the CFSTMA has shared with me.


I have been able to build a network of resources who simply know the answers, share their

expertise and best practices in every situation I have presented or asked about. Friends and colleagues

who have been taking care of turf help us to see an annual calendar through conversations. By sharing

knowledge we all benefit in so many different ways.


I know as I go forward and keep going as a registered CFSTMA, I will

be able to add to my resume and keep my quality as a worker at a high level. I will keep

on the cutting edge of technology to stay more efficient.


When I moved to Florida, I immediately connected with CFSTMA and began to make connections here in

Florida and eventually becoming a CFSTMA Board member.  As you know, it takes time and a

commitment to make connections in this industry.  I have put myself out there to do just that for both

my own professional career and also for the betterment of the sports turf industry.

Winners where:

3rd Pace – Free STMA Membership valued @ $130.00 – Clay Paulk of Orange County

2nd Place – Free Conference Registration valued @ $375.00 – Chris Lessig of Volusia County

Grand Prize Winner – Free Conference Registration and Hotel Stay valued @ $1,400.00 – Richard Stephan of Orange County