CFSTMA 10th Annual Field Day

The 10th Annual Field Day organized by the Central Florida Sports Turf Managers Association (CFSTMA) convened at the IFAS Research Plant Science Center, representing a key event in the association’s ongoing commitment to professional development and industry collaboration. 60 attendees had the valuable opportunity to accrue 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) while engaging with 19 vendors at this event.

Upon registration, attendees were given dedicated time to interact with tabletop vendors, fostering meaningful exchanges and networking opportunities. Dr. Kruse, Associate Professor of Turfgrass Science at the University of Florida’s Department of Environmental Horticulture, delivered the first CEU course. His presentation explored comprehensive field trials assessing the shade tolerance, traffic tolerance, and recovery capabilities of various Bermudagrass cultivars, providing attendees with relevant insights into those cultivars abilities.

The second CEU session was conducted by Karen Stauderman, Commercial Horticulture Agent III at UF/IFAS Extension Volusia County. Stauderman’s instructional session commenced with a demonstration on the calibration of spreaders, followed by a demonstration of the calibration process for backpack sprayers, equipping attendees with practical techniques to optimize application precision and efficacy.

Subsequently, attendees were able to engage with plot vendors. This gave members exposure to cutting-edge equipment and informative demonstrations.

Plot vendors present were Beard Equipment Company, Wesco Turf Inc, and 1st Products. Tabletop vendors present at the event included Nufarm, Green Nature, Boekholder & Associates, LLC, Helena, Pioneer Athletics, Harrell’s, DuraEdge Products Inc., Bethel Farms, EarthWorks, AxisDE, St. Johns Turf Care, Turf Tec, World Sports, Ewing Outdoor Supply, Sod Solutions and Veransa Group, Inc., each contributing to the enriching exchange of knowledge and resources within the professional turf management community.

We want to thank our hosts of this event, James Boyer, Director of Research Administration, Tony Brown, Coordinator of Research Programs and Lesley Reddick, Administrative Support Assistant, who with their staff guided us through early morning inclement weather conditions to a beautiful sunny outdoor event.  They helped to make this an enjoyable experience for the CFSTMA members and their guests.